Outsider Churchill Connecticut

Box of 10


The perfect combination of Dominican Criollo 98 and Peruvian Pelo De Oro tobacco makes the Outsider cigar offer up a complex and diverse taste range with subtle, elegant notes. Mild and a little sweet, with a touch of spice, the smokes were blended by Hendrik Kelner Jr, with some of the tobacco grown on the Kelner family farms.

Then hand rolled at the Kelner Boutique Factory, these cigars are good solo or with friends, by a campfire or the ocean, or wherever else your Outsider lifestyle takes you!

Cigar Details

Churchill Cigar 7x50

Length: 7”

Gauge: 50/64”

Origin: Dominican Republic, Peru, Ecuador


Wrapper - Ecuadorian Connecticut {aged 3-4 years}.

Binder - Monte Plata, Dominican Republic {aged 6-7 years}.

Filler - Criollo 98 (Dominican) and Pelo de Oro (Peruvian) {aged 4-5 years

Storage and Care

Humidors are the best way to store your cigars once they arrive home in order to recreate the humid climate. The ideal storage conditions are 70% humidity and 68 degrees fahrenheit.

Our Perfect Blend

  • Wrapper

    Ecuadorian Connecticut {aged 3-4 years}

  • Binder

    Monte Plata, Dominican Republic {aged 6-7 years}

  • Filler

    Criollo 98 (Dominican) and Pelo de Oro (Peruvian) {aged 4-5 years}